Patients want text to pay, not text to a portal

Problems collecting patient payments? Add text to pay to your multi-channel collection strategy

Improve Self-Pay Results
Patients love using CueSquared MobilePay because it is so easy

Making Patients Payments Easy for Innovative Healthcare Systems

Albany Medical Center
Baptist Health
Beth Israel Lahey Health
Main Line Health
Mount Sinai
Evergreen Health
“Patients don't have to go to a portal to pay their bill. You can do it right through a text. It’s a huge patient satisfaction driver for us.”
Philip Boyce
Chief Revenue Officer, Baptist Health
“We’re saving thousands of dollars a week just by not printing statements. It's difficult to quantify the entire impact MobilePay has had on our revenue cycle.”
Drew Smith
Director of Revenue Cycle, Main Street Family Care
“MobilePay holds the record for fastest and easiest rollout in 31 years of working in health IT.”
Ed Peterson
Director of Billing Operations, Mount Sinai Doctors
Superior Patient Payment Experience

Superior Patient Payment Experience

There is no application to download, no portal to log into, and no paper statement to reference; patients simply and securely receive text statements and make payments through a 1-Touch Payment button. The branded logo signifies the bill is coming from the patient’s healthcare provider, not a third-party company. Additionally, contact information within the CueSquared payment screen leverages existing call center infrastructure instead of replacing it.

Measure AR in Hours Not Months

Measure AR in Hours Not Months

Say goodbye to AR buckets of 30, 60, or 90 days. Because of the intuitive payment experience, revenue cycle teams collect approximately 80% of dollars within 14 days of the first text message, with day one payments accounting for 30% of dollars on average. Patients will quickly pay outstanding balances that are small copays, large bills, and even aging balances of 120 days+ that would typically go to collections from the moment they receive their first text message. All of this can be measured and tracked in our actionable payment dashboard.

Strengthen the Call Center and Reduce Costs to Collect

Strengthen the Call Center and Reduce Costs to Collect

By automating this first touch patient payment channel and reconciling outstanding balances within days, both printed paper statements and call center volume decreases. Additionally, patients with questions on their bills can easily contact the call center to settle bills with a live person or update their insurance information to properly adjudicate claims.

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Text to Pay Companies

Are you looking for a way to get people to pay their bills on time? If so, you may be interested in text to pay companies. There are a lot of companies that are having issues collecting on the payments they are owed. Even though a lot of companies rely on collection services, this is time-consuming. While there are some people who simply refuse to pay their bills, there are plenty of people who do not pay their bills simply because they forget. Most people have their phones in their pockets at all times. Therefore, companies may be able to increase the percentage of people who pay their bills by relying on a text 2 pay service.

So, how exactly does a text2pay company operate? This is a company that provides businesses with a service that will automatically remind individuals when their payments are due. In a lot of cases, these text messages will come with a link that people can click on to pay the bill that they owe. By giving people the option to pay by text, text to pay companies make it significantly easier for businesses to collect on their bills. Furthermore, businesses will not have to worry about paying a commission to collection services. This can make it easier for companies to take care of their bottom lines.

Of course, there are plenty of options available when businesses are looking for a company that provides text to pay services. They need to understand exactly how they are compensating the company for the service. If they are not careful, they could end up paying a commission to the company instead of a collection service. Fortunately, there are companies that charge a flat rate. That way, companies know exactly how much they are paying for the text message reminder service. Then, they can send automated reminders to people, letting them know they have bills to pay. By increasing the percentage of people who pay on time, companies have an easier time taking care of their bottom lines.

SMS Payment Provider

If you are looking for an SMS payment provider, you may be thinking about an SMS payment app. Mobile applications are convenient because people carry their phones with them at all times. You have probably logged into a mobile application to pay your bill before. You might even have a PayPal app that you use. If you are wondering how PayPal works, this is a mobile payment service that encrypts your information, creating a middle ground between yourself and a payment provider. Unfortunately, not everyone takes PayPal. For example, if you are asking, “does Amazon take PayPal,” the answer is no.

You might also be wondering, “how does Facebook pay work?” This is a secure way to pay using Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook. You need to use bank account information or a payment card to pay using the service.

Unfortunately, this might not be the best option. If you are looking for the best payment link, you need to take advantage of SMS payment options via text message. For example, you may want to take advantage of services available from CueSquared , which make it easy for people to pay their bills with the click of a button. They are taken to a page, can see what they owe, and pay the bill with a single click.

Text To Pay Stripe

You might have even heard of a company called Stripe. This is a service that makes it easier for small businesses and vendors to accept payments via credit card or bank account transfer. You might have even gotten a Stripe text message, which might be a stripe SMS verification. If you are looking for the best SMS payment provider, you might be thinking about Stripe text to pay. Unfortunately, if you want to use text to pay Stripe as a part of your business, this can get expensive.

Instead of having to pay a commission on every bill you collect, you should go with a company that charges a flat fee. That way, you know exactly how much you have to pay, and you get to keep more of your money. That is why a lot of entities, particularly hospitals, have taken advantage of the services provided by CueSquared MobilePay. Make it easier for patients to pay their bills by using CueSquared. It’s one of the only text to pay companies specifically built by healthcare veterans for healthcare companies.

Text To Pay PayPal

You might have even heard that text to pay PayPal is a new service. Instead of using your computer, you will send the payment using your phone. First, you can send a text message to a specific number operated by PayPal. Then, you can include the amount of money you want to transfer to someone else. After this, you can include the recipient’s phone number to verify the payment.

Even though this is convenient, it can be risky. You need to make sure someone else is not stealing your phone and using it to send money to themselves. Instead of texting a phone number with instructions, you may be looking for a service that uses an SMS payment link. That way, they are taken to a secure payment portal where they can see all the information about the money they are going to send to someone. It is important for you to use a platform that prioritizes the security and protection of your users. One of the top platforms you may want to use is CueSquared. You can make it easier for individuals to pay their bills without sacrificing their security.

Text To Pay App

There are a lot of companies that are looking for a text to pay app. This makes sense. After all, people have their phones with them at all times. By giving people access to a mobile application, you create another way for them to pay their bills. You may even think that more people are going to pay their bills if you give them access to a mobile application.

Even though a text to pay app is better than nothing, this is not the best option. Pay by phone number was an option for a long time, but now people hate calling someone to give them their credit card information over the phone. Eventually, people are going to get tired of downloading an application just to pay a bill. If they have to download an application, they have to remember a set of login credentials. This can be frustrating.

Instead, it is important for companies to give people the option to pay their bills using a single link. They should not have to use a mobile application, and they should not have to remember a set of login credentials. That is where an SMS payment link can be helpful.

SMS Payment Link

By using a text message reminder service, businesses will have to send an SMS payment link to the recipient. What is payment link? You have probably clicked on links in news articles before. For example, you may want to learn more about a specific issue. Therefore, you click on the link, which takes you to a new page. A payment link is similar. A text payment link is a link in a text message. When someone clicks on the message, they are taken to a page that displays information about the bill. This could include the name of the company charging the individual, the amount of money that is owed, and the goods and services that require compensation.

After this, there might be several payment options available. Individuals might have the option to pay the bill using a bank account link. Or, they may have the option to pay the bill via credit card. There are even some payment services that accept other options such as PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. It is important to provide people with the option to accept SMS payments. The goal is for someone to pay the bill using the text message service. That way, they don’t get frustrated, back out, and forget to pay the bill later. The easier it is for people to pay their bills, the higher the percentage of people who pay those bills. Make it as easy as possible for people to pay their bills by using CueSquared’s MobilePay service.

Request Payment Via Text

Ultimately, there are lots of companies that are wondering how to text someone for payment. How does text to pay work? Every company does this differently. When you request payment via text, the individual should receive a link that allows them to pay their bill. By clicking on the link, people will be taken to a page that will display all the information about the bill. They can figure out how much money they owe, when the bill is due, and what their options are for paying that specific bill. In some cases, an SMS pay login might be required; however, this is not universal.

If companies can find a text to pay service that removes a lot of barriers, it becomes easier for people to pay their bills. If they don’t have to download an application or remember a set of login credentials, they have an easier time paying their bills. At the same time, companies need to make sure all confidential information is protected. That is why when they request payment via text, it is important to encrypt all confidential information. A text message payment service can make it easier for people to pay their bills on time. Make sure you take care of your bottom line by taking advantage of the services provided by MobilePay from CueSquared.

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