A Text Messaging Patient Payment Solution Patients Will Love

With no app to download, no portal to log into, and no paper statement needed, CueSquared MobilePay is so easy for patients even my 84-year-old mother can pay her medical bills in under a minute.

Improve Patient Self-Pay
Patients love using CueSquared MobilePay because it is so easy

Making Patients Payments Easy for Innovative Healthcare Systems

Albany Medical Center
Baptist Health
Beth Israel Lahey Health
Main Line Health
Mount Sinai
Evergreen Health
“Patients don't have to go to a portal to pay their bill. You can do it right through a text. It’s a huge patient satisfaction driver for us.”
Philip Boyce
Chief Revenue Officer, Baptist Health
“We’re saving thousands of dollars a week just by not printing statements. It's difficult to quantify the entire impact MobilePay has had on our revenue cycle.”
Drew Smith
Director of Revenue Cycle, Main Street Family Care
“MobilePay holds the record for fastest and easiest rollout in 31 years of working in health IT.”
Ed Peterson
Director of Billing Operations, Mount Sinai Doctors
Superior Patient Payment Experience

Superior Patient Payment Experience

There is no application to download, no portal to log into, and no paper statement to reference; patients simply and securely receive text statements and make payments through a 1-Touch Payment button. The branded logo signifies the bill is coming from the patient’s healthcare provider, not a third-party company. Additionally, contact information within the CueSquared payment screen leverages existing call center infrastructure instead of replacing it.

Measure AR in Hours Not Months

Measure AR in Hours Not Months

Say goodbye to AR buckets of 30, 60, or 90 days. Because of the intuitive payment experience, revenue cycle teams collect approximately 80% of dollars within 14 days of the first text message, with day one payments accounting for 30% of dollars on average. Patients will quickly pay outstanding balances that are small copays, large bills, and even aging balances of 120 days+ that would typically go to collections from the moment they receive their first text message. All of this can be measured and tracked in our actionable payment dashboard.

 Strengthen the Call Center and Reduce Costs to Collect

Strengthen the Call Center and Reduce Costs to Collect

By automating this first touch patient payment channel and reconciling outstanding balances within days, both printed paper statements and call center volume decreases. Additionally, patients with questions on their bills can easily contact the call center to settle bills with a live person or update their insurance information to properly adjudicate claims.

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Patient Payment Solutions

There are a lot of important issues facing the healthcare system today, and one of the most important has to do with patient payments. Right now, there are a lot of patients and families who are struggling to pay their bills, but there are other people who simply do not pay their bills because they forget to do so. That is why there are so many hospital systems that are looking at other patient payment solutions.

Even though it can be difficult for some patients to pay hospital bill, many others are looking for a health payment systems provider phone number. It is critical to think about the advantages of an online medical payment system. A lot of hospital systems are using antiquated technology that may still involve a landline phone and a physical mail carrier. This can be a significant barrier when people are trying to figure out how to pay their medical expenses. It can be an even bigger problem when hospitals are trying to collect their bills. For this reason, it is critical to take a look at alternative solutions that may use modern technology that will also make life easier for patients.

Remember that a lot of people do not pay their bills simply because they forget to do so. Think about all the bills people have every month. This could include a housing payment, an electric bill, a water bill, a gas bill, a cable bill, an internet bill, and a phone bill. It is easy for someone to forget they have a medical bill that needs to be paid. Therefore, if medical practices can make it easier for people to remember they have a bill to pay, they may increase the number of bills that are paid online. They may also reduce the percentage of bills that get sent to a collections department. What might an easier system look like?

Healthcare Payment Solutions

If you are looking for healthcare payment solutions, there are a lot of important factors you need to consider. For example, you need to think about health care payment processing, the health payment systems provider portal, and the healthcare payment system login that patients might be using. Even though you want to protect the confidential information of your patients, you also need to think about how you can make it easier for them to pay your bills. Fortunately, these two are not mutually exclusive, and there are plenty of payment solutions out there that can accomplish both of these tasks.

In general, the fewer steps someone has to take to pay their bills, the greater the chance of them paying their bills on time. If you can make the login portal easier for your patience to manage, they will have an easier time paying their bills. In some cases, you might be able to eliminate the login portal entirely, making it much easier for them. Make sure you take a look at all the systems available. They all have their benefits and drawbacks, and you need to find the system that works best to meet your needs. The right system for one person might not be the right system for someone else. Importantly, you must use a system that has been specifically designed for those in the medical field.

Patient Portal Bill Pay

You need to think carefully about what the patient portal looks like. This is going to be an important part of the patient portal bill pay process. This can be a complicated system for people to navigate, and it might make it harder for someone to pay their bills. Remember that not everyone has a lot of experience with technology. Some people live in rural areas that may not even have internet access. Therefore, you need to keep these people in mind if you want your bills to be paid. Fortunately, the vast majority of people have a cell phone, so they might be able to use it to pay their bills with a single click of a button.

Then, you need to make the portal as easy as possible for someone to have a gate. Keep in mind that some people may not have the memory power to remember a set of login credentials. That is why you need to make it possible for someone to pay their bills with a single click of a button. If you decide to go with a system such as CueSquared, patients will be reminded of their bills using text messages. Then, the only thing they have to do to pay their bills is to click on a single button. By making it easier for someone to pay their bills, you increase the percentage of your bills that are paid on time.

Patient Payment Solutions Reviews

When you are trying to find a payment system for your practice, it is important to take a close look at reviews. There is a good chance you read reviews before you purchase a product or service online. You need to do the same thing when you are trying to find the right payment processing system for your medical practice. Remember that you need to take a look at what hospital systems and medical providers have to say as well as patients who might be using the other side of the system.

When you take a look at patient payment solutions reviews, you may come across people asking, “is Patientco legit?” This might be a concerning question, and you need to use a system that operates with a focus on transparency. That way, you understand exactly how much you will be paying, your patients understand exactly how much money they will be paying, and you have an easy time tracking the flow of money from place to place. If you decide to use a system such as CueSquared, you don’t have to worry about a complicated commission structure. There is a flat rate you have to pay every month, and you never have to worry about surprise bills.

Healthcare Payment Processing Companies

Because there are so many healthcare payment processing companies out there, you may be wondering which one is right for you. For example, you may have heard about Instamed payment processing, and you might be curious about medical merchant services. There are several factors you need to keep in mind if you are trying to find a business that can help you meet your needs.

First, you have to find a company that specializes in the medical field. The rules and regulations in medicine are different than they are in other places. You need to work with a company that is familiar with these regulations.

Second, you need to find a company that focuses on security. Because of the sheer volume of information medical companies collect, there are a lot of hackers who are looking for a way to get their hands on this confidential information.

Finally, you also need to think about the ease of use of the software program. The easier it is for your providers and your patients to use, the easier it will be for you to get accurate bills sent to your patients and to get those bills paid on time. Find the right company to help you meet your needs.

Healthcare Payment Technology

Healthcare payment technology has come a long way, and there are a lot of patients who are looking for patient bill help. This is one of the most common reasons why people do not pay their bills. Even though it is possible that someone may not want to pay their bills, it is more likely that they do not know how to. That is why you have to focus on making it easier for your patients to pay their bills on time, every time.

One of the ways to do that is to make it possible for patients to pay their bills using an SMS system. Most people open their text messages, and they will be more likely to pay their bills if they see they have a bill outstanding via text. Then, if they can pay that bill with a single click of a button, you don’t have to worry about someone defaulting on their medical payments. For this reason, you should take advantage of the SMS payment system from CueSquared. Make life easier for your providers and your patients. This could make a significant difference in your ability to collect your bills on time.

HIPAA Compliant Online Payment

Finally, it is critical to focus on one of the most important issues when it comes to medical billing and payments. HIPAA is the privacy act that protects people’s confidential medical information. Even though there are a lot of payment systems out there, medical practices need to make sure they use a system that is compliant with HIPAA. Not every payment system is going to fall in this category, and this is an important factor when looking at a HIPAA compliant online payment. All information has to be encrypted to protect it against potential cybercriminals. Furthermore, all systems have to be compliant with government rules and regulations. Otherwise, certain hospital systems and medical practices could be facing fines, sanctions, and a reduction in their reimbursement rates.

For this reason, HIPAA compliant payment processing is critical. If you decide to go with CueSquared, you can relax, knowing that you are working with a system that has been specifically designed for healthcare practices. You can increase the confidence patients have and your ability to protect their confidential information, and you can shield yourself against potentially costly government fines and sanctions.

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