Looking for a Patient Payment Solution that Integrates with Your Medical Billing System?

CueSquared MobilePay integrates with all the major medical billing solutions out there so you can collect patient payments immediately instead of letting patient revenue slip through the cracks.

Improve Patient Self-Pay
Patients love using CueSquared MobilePay because it is so easy

Making Patients Payments Easy for Innovative Healthcare Systems

Albany Medical Center
Baptist Health
Beth Israel Lahey Health
Main Line Health
Mount Sinai
Evergreen Health
“Patients don't have to go to a portal to pay their bill. You can do it right through a text. It’s a huge patient satisfaction driver for us.”
Philip Boyce
Chief Revenue Officer, Baptist Health
“We’re saving thousands of dollars a week just by not printing statements. It's difficult to quantify the entire impact MobilePay has had on our revenue cycle.”
Drew Smith
Director of Revenue Cycle, Main Street Family Care
“MobilePay holds the record for fastest and easiest rollout in 31 years of working in health IT.”
Ed Peterson
Director of Billing Operations, Mount Sinai Doctors
Superior Patient Payment Experience

Superior Patient Payment Experience

There is no application to download, no portal to log into, and no paper statement to reference; patients simply and securely receive text statements and make payments through a 1-Touch Payment button. The branded logo signifies the bill is coming from the patient’s healthcare provider, not a third-party company. Additionally, contact information within the CueSquared payment screen leverages existing call center infrastructure instead of replacing it.

Measure AR in Hours Not Months

Measure AR in Hours Not Months

Say goodbye to AR buckets of 30, 60, or 90 days. Because of the intuitive payment experience, revenue cycle teams collect approximately 80% of dollars within 14 days of the first text message, with day one payments accounting for 30% of dollars on average. Patients will quickly pay outstanding balances that are small copays, large bills, and even aging balances of 120 days+ that would typically go to collections from the moment they receive their first text message. All of this can be measured and tracked in our actionable payment dashboard.

Strengthen the Call Center and Reduce Costs to Collect

Strengthen the Call Center and Reduce Costs to Collect

By automating this first touch patient payment channel and reconciling outstanding balances within days, both printed paper statements and call center volume decreases. Additionally, patients with questions on their bills can easily contact the call center to settle bills with a live person or update their insurance information to properly adjudicate claims.

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Medical Billing Solutions

Today, it is more important than ever for healthcare providers and hospital systems to make sure they maximize the percentage of revenue they generate from their bills. A lot of medical professionals believe that people do not pay their bills simply because they do not want to; however, it is more complicated than that. Sometimes, people do not pay their bills because they forget, or because they do not have a convenient way to do so. That is where comprehensive medical billing solutions can be helpful.

Medical billers and coders have a lot on their plates. Medical billers have to think carefully about the codes that are used to describe certain procedures, and clinic billing solutions are often difficult for people who do not have a lot of technical experience. That is why all solutions medical billing need to make life easier for everyone involved. Medical billers and coders need to have access to a transparent system they can use to identify potential areas of opportunity, helping hospital systems maximize revenue per patient. Furthermore, these systems have to make it easier for patients to figure out what the insurance company is paying, what they are responsible for, and what their payment options are. All of this can go a long way toward helping hospital systems and physician practices maximize revenue.

At the same time, it is important to think carefully about how the current system might be improved. Because there are so many people facing financial difficulties, hospital systems need to be understanding with patients; however, they also need to make it as easy as possible for patients to pay their bills. That way, hospital systems do not have to worry about losing a significant amount of money to collections teams. Furthermore, they don’t have to worry about alienating patients because they can do everything they can to make the payment process easy for their patients. What do medical professionals need to keep in mind about medical billing and coding?

Medical Billing and Coding

First, it is helpful to go through what the medical billing and coding process entails. This is the process of using specific codes to identify the services that were given to a patient during a visit. For example, there might be a code for a routine physical exam. Then, there might be a different code for an x-ray procedure. There might be a third code for a laboratory visit. When trying to improve the billing and coding process, some people might be looking for businesses that can help them, such as Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. Doctors are busy seeing patients, and they do not necessarily want to spend their time doing their own billing and coding. That is why it may be helpful to work with a medical biller company.

Importantly, there are multiple codes that could be applied to the same visit. Some codes are better than others, and it is important to use a system that helps physicians and hospitals maximize the revenue of the codes they include. This does not necessarily mean that the patient has to pay more money, but it might mean that the hospital system might be able to get more money from the government or the insurance company for that visit. That is why it is critical to think carefully about the codes that are used.

Medical Billing

Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems with the medical billing process. For example, a lot of people are concerned about legacy ER billing. The problem with the medical billing process is that it can be very difficult for patients to figure out what they have to pay and what the insurance company is paying for them. For example, a patient may get a very large bill in the mail and think they have to pay that entire bill. They may not understand how much money they have to pay versus the insurance company. That is why it is critical to improve transparency during this process.

For example, a lot of patients would prefer not to get a bill in the mail at all. They would probably greatly prefer to pay their bills using an online portal or a text message system. That is exactly where CueSquared can be helpful. A lot of hospital systems immediately send their bills to collections departments when they are not paid on time. Some hospitals may even file a lawsuit against their patients. This is not the best way to approach this issue, and it is better to simply use a convenient method to remind patients of the bills they have to pay. Some people simply forget to pay them.

Medical Billing Companies

A lot of people are concerned that if they use a system such as this, they will be supplanting the role of medical billing companies or the people in their own department. This is not the case. This is a service that is designed to work in conjunction with a professional medical billing company. Furthermore, it may make their jobs a lot easier. For example, there are lots of people who use Medical Billing LinkedIn, including US doctors looking for medical biller. There are plenty of urgent care billing companies out there, and there may even be entities that can offer access to a Medicaid billing company. By working with a medical billing company, such as MDS medical, physicians and hospital systems can increase the percentage of their claims that are accepted.

Even though this can be a complicated process, it does not have to be. There are plenty of situations where working with a medical billing company can make life easier, particularly for large hospital systems that see a lot of people every day. A professional billing company can reduce the number of mistakes that are made, increasing the percentage of claims that are accepted.

Medical Billing Services

It is true that medical billing services are evolving quickly. For example, a lot of people are looking for Billing Solutions LLC that may be able to provide multiple services. At the same time, there are a lot of options out there, so healthcare professionals need to think carefully about who they work with if they are looking for medical billing services. For example, they may want to work with someone who has a lot of experience and their specific specialty. As an example, billing and coding for cancer visits are a lot different than billing and coding for a trauma injury. Healthcare professionals need to work with someone who has experience in their specific area.

It may be helpful to take a look at a few reviews that have been written by other people. That way, medical doctors will know what to expect if they decide to work with that team. They need to find someone with whom they can communicate well. That way, everyone can make sure they are on the same page, reducing the frequency of errors that might be made.

Medical Billing Process

There are plenty of ways to streamline the medical billing process without reducing incoming revenue. Furthermore, there might be situations where revenue can go up. By working with someone who had the right medical billing certification from the right medical billing training process, it is possible to work with an individual who may be able to identify additional code that could help practices increase the amount of revenue they generate. Sometimes, it simply means that the process has to be made easier for patients.

For example, if hospital networks decide to work with a system such as CueSquared, they will have access to a convenient SMS system that will make it as easy as possible for patients to pay their bills on time. Sometimes, all patients need is a reminder. When they realize there is a bill that they have not yet paid, they can respond to the message as quickly as possible without ever having to log into a single portal. They don’t have to worry about creating an account, and they don’t have to worry about logging in. They can pay the bill with a click of a button, helping practices reduce the number of bills that get sent to collection. This can make a significant difference when hospitals are trying to purchase new equipment, retain talented staff, and keep the lights on.

Medical Billing Jobs

There are some people who might even be looking for medical billing jobs, including jobs with MBS medical technologies. A lot of people start by taking a look at medical billing and coding LinkedIn. There are a lot of opportunities in this area, and this could be a great way for someone to jumpstart their career. This is also an opportunity for people to work with the healthcare system, finding ways to generate more revenue that can be used to help patients.

There are a lot of important skills people need to have if they are trying to get the most out of their medical billing job opportunities. First, they need to have strong attention to detail. Sometimes, a single line in the medical record can make a difference in the type of code that can be applied. Second, people need the ability to work efficiently. Doctors see a lot of patients every day, and every patient visit has to be assigned to a specific set of codes. This can increase the success rate of the billing process. Finally, strong communication is important as well. If there is any confusion, medical billers need to talk to a physician who can help them interpret the medical record.

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