What healthcare technology trends will impact the future?

AI, precision medicine, and better patient experiences through consumer mobile experiences are the top of the list.

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Patients love using CueSquared MobilePay because it is so easy

Making Patients Payments Easy for Innovative Healthcare Systems

Albany Medical Center
Baptist Health
Beth Israel Lahey Health
Main Line Health
Mount Sinai
Evergreen Health
“Patients don't have to go to a portal to pay their bill. You can do it right through a text. It’s a huge patient satisfaction driver for us.”
Philip Boyce
Chief Revenue Officer, Baptist Health
“We’re saving thousands of dollars a week just by not printing statements. It's difficult to quantify the entire impact MobilePay has had on our revenue cycle.”
Drew Smith
Director of Revenue Cycle, Main Street Family Care
“MobilePay holds the record for fastest and easiest rollout in 31 years of working in health IT.”
Ed Peterson
Director of Billing Operations, Mount Sinai Doctors
Superior Patient Payment Experience

Superior Patient Payment Experience

There is no application to download, no portal to log into, and no paper statement to reference; patients simply and securely receive text statements and make payments through a 1-Touch Payment button. The branded logo signifies the bill is coming from the patient’s healthcare provider, not a third-party company. Additionally, contact information within the CueSquared payment screen leverages existing call center infrastructure instead of replacing it.

Measure AR in Hours Not Months

Measure AR in Hours Not Months

Say goodbye to AR buckets of 30, 60, or 90 days. Because of the intuitive payment experience, revenue cycle teams collect approximately 80% of dollars within 14 days of the first text message, with day one payments accounting for 30% of dollars on average. Patients will quickly pay outstanding balances that are small copays, large bills, and even aging balances of 120 days+ that would typically go to collections from the moment they receive their first text message. All of this can be measured and tracked in our actionable payment dashboard.

Strengthen the Call Center and Reduce Costs to Collect

Strengthen the Call Center and Reduce Costs to Collect

By automating this first touch patient payment channel and reconciling outstanding balances within days, both printed paper statements and call center volume decreases. Additionally, patients with questions on their bills can easily contact the call center to settle bills with a live person or update their insurance information to properly adjudicate claims.

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Healthcare Technology Trends

The healthcare industry has undergone a fundamental transformation during the past few years. The industry has been under a significant amount of stress, and this has accelerated a lot of trends that were already taking place. As a result, there are a lot of people who are looking at healthcare technology trends, wondering how the emerging trends in healthcare 2021 are going to impact the field moving forward. What are a few of the biggest trends in healthcare? How will healthcare change in the next ten years?

It is impossible to predict the future, but it is helpful to take a look at some of the changes that have happened recently. The impact of technology and healthcare cannot be overstated. Technological advancements have created a lot of new diagnostic and treatment options for illnesses and injuries that previously did not have very many choices available. This has positively impacted the lives of countless people across the world; however, it has also shined a light on the rising expenses related to healthcare. New is expensive, and there are a lot of hospital systems that are struggling to provide care to patients at an affordable price. When this is combined with changes taking place in the employment world, there are shifts in how healthcare is being covered.

As a result of a lot of the trends that have taken place recently, patients are responsible for a growing percentage of their health care expenses. This means that hospitals have had to devote a lot of resources toward tracking down patients, asking them to pay their bills. Even though a lot of these bills end up going to collections, it does not have to be this way. For example, it is possible to rely on the MobilePay service from CueSquared to simply remind patients that they have tools to pay. Then, with a single click, patients will be transported to a secure portal where they can pay their bills. Simply by reminding people that they have bills to pay, hospitals can reduce the percentage of bills that go to collections.

Healthcare Technology Trends 2021

If you are curious about technology in the medical field, it may be helpful to take a closer look at the current trends in medicine. There are numerous trends in healthcare management that are starting to unfold. For example, when taking a look at the current trends in healthcare delivery models, one of the biggest developments is the growth of telemedicine. A lot of people have been looking for ways to visit with their medical providers virtually, particularly during the pandemic. Telemedicine made it easier for people to visit the doctor from home. That way, they did not have to expose themselves or anyone else to a potential virus.

This is only one of the many healthcare technology trends 2021. A lot of people invested in devices that allow them to track their health at home. For example, some people like to track the quality of sleep they get at night with an advanced device. Expect to see a lot of these trends continue moving forward. Technology is adjusting to meet the needs of patients, and new devices will be released.

Healthcare Technology Trends 2022

Now, with the calendar turning to 2022, a lot of people are curious about healthcare trends 2022. There are many industry trends 2022 that are starting to unfold, and many of them will play a role in the advancement of the healthcare field moving forward. Even though the importance of technology in healthcare is growing, the impact of healthcare trends has been the emergence of patient independence. Now, a lot of patients are asking to have access to the same information that doctors use. That way, they can make sure they are on the same page. With the growth of patient autonomy, a lot of patients want to use this information to make decisions for themselves.

Therefore, when taking a look at healthcare technology trends 2022, expect a lot of industry professionals to empower patients by giving them access to the information they need to make decisions on their own. Because patients are already responsible for a higher percentage of their bills than they were in the past, it only makes sense that they should demand a greater role in their health care. Expect to see a lot of devices that make it easier for patients to manage their medications, dietary choices, and exercise routine.

Self-Care Trends 2022

As patient independence continues to grow, there are a lot of self-care trends 2022 that are developing as well. As one of the top emerging trends in healthcare 2020, this is persisting into the present and will continue to grow in the future. For example, patients are looking for devices that can help them keep track of their medications. They are also looking for devices that can help them track their dietary choices. A lot of patients also like to track the quality of sleep they get at night.

Some patients are going a step further. They are looking for supplements, vitamins, and minerals that may be able to prevent them from getting sick. This has been a focus of the healthcare field recently. It is always better to prevent injuries and illnesses from taking place than to prevent ones that have already developed. Particularly with how expensive healthcare has gotten, this has become incredibly important.

When medical systems are trying to get patients to pay their bills, a simple reminder can go a long way. For this reason, hospital systems may want to consider using the MobilePay service from CueSquared. This is a system that can send reminders to patients, letting them know that they have bills to pay. Sometimes, patients don’t pay their bills because they forget to do so. With a single click, patients can pay their bills using the MobilePay service from CueSquared.

Future Trends in Healthcare

As we take a look at the future trends in healthcare, what should people expect? The digital health landscape 2021 changed significantly. The world was battling a global pandemic, many people were spending more time at home, and some people were concerned about how they would be able to take care of themselves. Because individuals were looking for more autonomy, there were numerous health technology products that were developed. Now, with a year to work on them, expect these products to make significant advances during the coming year.

For example, there is a growing push for personalization and medicine. What this means is that people expect their doctors to know more about them than they did in the past. It does not take long to sequence the human genome, and there are tests that can look for the presence of significant biomarkers. Then, based on the biomarkers, doctors will have an easier time deciding which treatment is best for that specific patient. Expect to see more personalization in the field of medicine moving forward. This could improve the care that patients receive.

Healthcare Trends Post COVID

A lot of people are concerned about the future of healthcare in America after COVID. When taking a look at healthcare trends post COVID, it is important to remember that the pandemic is still very much with us. Even though it is good news that a lot of people are getting vaccinated, there are still lots of people who have not yet received the vaccine. Therefore, the virus is still a significant problem in hospitals across the country.

At the same time, some people are preparing for what the healthcare system might look like after the pandemic has been beaten. What are some of the current trends in healthcare impacting organizational change? One of the biggest impacts of the pandemic has been the spotlight shined on a broken system. The healthcare system nearly broke during the pandemic, and it is clear that major changes need to take place. The cost of medicine is too high, and a lot of organizations are focused on what they need to do to make this more affordable for hospital systems and patients. Even though patients are responsible for a greater percentage of their bills than they ever were in the past, it is not clear that this is a sustainable model. It will be interesting to see what organizations do moving forward.

Technology in Healthcare Articles

There are many healthcare systems that are looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition. One of the ways to do so is to stay on top of technology and healthcare articles. For example, it might be helpful to take a look at some of the healthcare trends McKinsey. McKinsey is one of the biggest firms in the world, and they have a lot of helpful information related to changes in the medical field. It might also be helpful to take a look at PWC healthcare trends 2021. As one of the biggest accounting firms in the world, they publish information related to the healthcare field on a regular basis.

It may also be helpful to take a look at healthcare Trends 2021 Deloitte. This is another significant accounting firm that keeps a close eye on the healthcare field. Ultimately, by staying on top of technology in healthcare articles, it is possible for medical facilities to make sure they provide solid care to their patients. Finally, remember that it is easier to remind patients to pay their bills than to send them to collections. Be sure to consider using the MobilePay service from CueSquared to make it easier for patients to pay their bills. This can go a long way toward helping medical facilities take care of their bottom line.

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